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SAF Lock. The First Angle Grinder Proof Bike Lock.

Built to protect against the strongest attacks. The SAF Lock is a new tier in bike security.


The Altor SAF Lock is the world’s first angle grinder proof lock. Angle grinders have become the new norm in bike theft yet every bike lock on the market is only designed to protect against hand tools. At Altor we’ve been making and selling bike locks for years and have seen first-hand how destructive angle grinders can be. It became our mission to do the impossible. We created the best, most secure bike lock in the world.

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  • Altor SAF

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March 2020
Ships worldwide.

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Included Items

  • Two SAF Locks
Estimated Shipping
March 2020
Ships worldwide.

Bike lock designs haven’t kept pace with the tools thieves use. In the past 10 years battery powered angle grinders have become commonplace and can cut through any lock currently on the market in seconds. The SAF Lock is the first lock designed specifically to defend against portable angle grinders. 

We put the SAF Lock and the current leading bicycle locks up against the best portable angle grinders as chosen by Popular Mechanics. 

While all bike locks on the market that we’ve tested were cut in under 45 seconds, the SAF Lock outlasted every portable angle grinder.

Bicycling Magazine took our lock to task and produced a comprehensive testing video. While it takes seconds to get through normal bicycle locks, it took Bicycling Magazine over an hour and multiple angle grinders, blades and batteries to get through our lock. Read and watch their complete review here

The SAF Tech Shell prevents any meaningful damage from occurring while causing damage to the angle grinder disc. The SAF Tech Shell is designed to withstand attacks from angle grinders with cutting discs up to 5 inches in diameter.

All portable angle grinders tested against the SAF Lock eventually failed due to one or more of of the following:

  1. Battery died.
  2. Angle grinder overheated.
  3. Angle grinder disc broke.

No portable angle grinder has been able to cut through the SAF Lock.

In the last 10 years, there has been a large shift in bicycle theft from bolt cutters and hacksaws to portable angle grinders. This has been driven by lithium-ion batteries and ever more compact and affordable angle grinders. Simply put, right now any thief can walk into a hardware store and get an angle grinder for under $100 which will fit more easily in their backpack than a bolt cutter. 
In addition to protecting against angle grinders you can count on the SAF Lock to protect your bike against bolt cutters, hacksaws, hammers, levers, bottle jacks and lock picks.  

We designed the SAF Lock to be as strong as possible, not as portable as possible. Keep the lock locked to your rack at home or at your office and have a second, smaller, lock for when you go to get coffee. The SAF lock weighs about 13.7 lbs or 6.25 kg which is lighter than some chains, but heavier than you’ll probably want to carry. 

We stand by our lock and we’ve made over 45 minutes of testing videos available. Watch the SAF Lock go up against three of the top rated angle grinders in the video below. 

We are also holding live demos with Bicycling Magazine and Popular Mechanics. 


The SAF Lock after one angle grinder.

The outer rubber coating is damaged as well as the SAF Tech Outer Shell but the inner hardened steel Core Shackle remains unharmed. 

The outer rubber coating is damaged as well as the SAF Tech Outer Shell but the inner hardened steel Core Shackle remains unharmed. 

Using three angle grinders, back to back, on the same lock we were able to cut away a section of the SAF Tech Shell which exposed some of the hardened core shackle. Still after 15 minutes the lock maintained its strength. Additionally, for the lock to fail, you would need to cut completely through both sides of the shackle.